How to Reset Epson R230 Printer

How to Reset Epson R230 Printer How to Reset Epson R230 Printer, Did you use this printer to print documents or photos? if I had some this year using this printer, epson r230 printer in my opinion good enough to print the photos, just have a small photo studio at home.

Before we go into the problem of how to How to Reset Epson R230 Printer it's good I review a little about epson r230 printer. This inkjet printer has been updated to increase the speed and print quality for photos with very good picture because it is supported by six colors (Cyan, Light Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Light Magenta and Black). This printer produces images that are very beautiful and preferred to use at home.

Okay. just me explain step by step How to Reset Epson R230 Printer:
  • Epson R230 Printer Driver already installed first, and make sure the printer is connect to a computer.
  • Make sure that the damages requested in the printer reset counter (usually the printer lights all glowing red)
  • After you download keep you install. Previously Turn on the printer. After the install window will appear and select the type R230 printer on the printer model and then close the window. (Image shown below):

  • Then in the bottom right icon sscserve you right click, then sscserve menu will appear (as below) :

  • After the display appears, then select Protection Counter, and you click the Reset Protection Counter. Then turn the printer off and on again.
  • If not successful, please try again.

How to Reset Epson R230 Printer, I've described. About article on how to reset epson r230 printer is the answer to your printer problems, good luck and hopefully useful, thank you.

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